i'm ryan quigley. i'm 19,
i love butts and pizza.
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i wish i lived in england!! then i’d have a cute english boyfr-


seriously this is what they look like

wtf why do they all look like theyre stuck in their eminem phase


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Anonymous asked: Funny/Awkward story that happend to you...





One time in seventh grade I got my first phone and I was hella happy. And one day in class I checked my pockets and didn’t find that shit. And you know those mini heart attacks you get when you lose something? I was just sitting there looking at the floor just thinking to myself like ” These kids honestly got me fucked up if they finna take my phone and get away with it.”

So I ran up and told the teacher and we did like a pocket search and she didn’t find anything. She tried to say I missed placed it and I’m looking at this bitch like


Oh I missed placed one of the most important things that kept me happy. She tried to end the search so I got mad and was like “WHO EVER GOT MY PHONE IM NOT PLAYING GIVE ME MY SHIT BACK OR IM FIGHTING SOMEONE” and this one kid I didn’t like was like “You not gonne do nothing sit down” and I look at him like


This nigga the first one to talk so he must got my shit! I walked up to him and was like give me my phone. He stood quiet and i’m just at his desk waiting for him to give me that shit! I asked him again even more pissed off cause I swore This nigga had it but he was like “Yo get out my face” And I was so mad that I just wanted to fight him so I put down the pencils and my headphone I had in my pockets getting ready to jaw this nigga


Then my teacher wanna stop and start yelling at both of us. And I yelled back saying ” HE GOT MY PHONE” and he was like “No I don’t!” and we started arguing. Then she asked me if I looked in my bookbag for it and I was like no df? so she told me to go check and Guess what was in my bookbag? MY FUCKING PHONE. i felt so fucking embarrassed like I just made a whole seen about to fight a nigga for a phone I had the whole time lmao. I dead ass felt so bad that I went up to him and said sorry. We hugged it out and everything. To this day I’m still trying to figure out when did I put my phone in my bag cause this shit still don’t add up with me



tina you don’t know how embarrassed I was like I wanted to leave the room

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